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He dresses in the custom made attire, straps a Swiss made wristwatch, clips a German made pen on his shirt or jacket’s pocket,enhances eyesight with an Italian pair of eyeglasses, and sometimes adorns head with a modish headdress.

चुनावी-मौसम में बिहार के निजाम नीतीश कुमार जी का मिजाज भी बदला हुआ दिख रहा हैआज नीतीश जी एक बार फिर से अपराध व अपराधियों के प्रति'जीरो-टोलरेंसकी बातें करते दिख रहे हैंऐसी प्रतिबद्धता अगर नीतीश जी की तरफ से उनके शासन के बीते हुए वर्षों में भी दिखती तो शायद आज बिहार की तस्वीर  ही कुछ और होती !!

Emergency of 1975 in this country has many tell-tales. And they say that most authentic documentation of such saga is in the form of the report of Shah Commission. I haven’t read it and no opinion on it therefore. My truth is my own experience of 13 months of jail term in Muzaffarpur.

Recently actor Salman Khan made news, not for a role in a movie but for what he did in his real life 13 years ago one night after drinking alcohol: he drove a car (SUV), killed a man, injured four people, and fled the scene. His victims, male and poor, were sleeping on a sidewalk.

Posturing, lobbying or eventually infighting for the Chief Ministerial position within the BJP preceding the Fall Assembly election (2015) in Bihar does not bode well for the party.

The Bihar State Election Commission has restrained the Nitish government from using its video-based propaganda campaign, "Badh Chala Bihar" following a complaint lodged by the BJP.

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With Nitish and Lalu together, is the NDA in trouble in Bihar?
With Nitish and Lalu together, is the NDA in trouble in Bihar?
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