When Rajya-Sabha Turned into "मुजरे की महफिल"


When MP's like Mr. Sharad Yadav and D. P. Tripathi talked disgracefully about women and made vulgar gestures during their speeches in the Rajya-Sabha, it clearly showed the polluted chauvinistic mindset of the people representing us in the Parliament. (link)

It is a clear indicator of how shameful is the ideology these mentally bankrupt and sex obsessed people carrying. Do they really deserved to be there as our representatives? No, not at all! The right place for them is a mental asylum.

My question is, "Why references to women physique only, why not about men's?"

I strongly feel that these two men along with the others, who thumped the desk, laughed shamelessly and enjoyed and endorsed their obtrusive and objectionable speeches, should have been thrown out of the parliament.

This episode is not the first act of shame from Sharad. Sharad Yadav is a serial offender; in the past too he has made several below the belt and derogatory remarks about women. He needs immediate medical attention and counseling.

Even the way others (almost all male MP's) laughed during their respective speeches (when Sharad and DP were speaking) was shocking. Seeing BJP and SP MP's laughing, cheering, and relishing Sharad's remarks compelled me to believe that all of them are 'rowdies' in their real character or self.

The most shocking part of this whole disgraceful episode was seeing Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad , a senior minister of the ruling party, laughing and thumping the desk. Ravi Shankar's act is a blot on BJP's claims of "Party with a Difference ". All of them demeaned the sanctity of the Upper House. In fact, majority of the male members thumped the desk while Sharad was speaking like a sex maniac. Even the man sitting on the presiding chair during that particular session was smiling on Sharad's obnoxious remarks.

People like Sharad and DP along with their colleagues from different political fraternities should be de-barred from the Parliament. They shamelessly turned the house into "मुजरे की महफिल" (Mujare ki Mehfil).

As a citizen and a staunch follower of the Parliamentary processes in our country, I am appalled and aghast to see and hear the shameful gestures and speeches in the "so-called august house". No one, not a single male MP except Mr. Derek O'brien off TMC and Mrs. Kanimozhi of DMK, even apologized or sought an apology. This is an eye-opener for all of us; it shows the real character of our so-called representatives and the torch-bearers of the democracy.

I don't have any hesitation in saying that most of our male MPs treat women as a commodity and they are on the peak of their perversion.

Alok Kumar, Sr. Journalist, Patna.



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