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Patna DM Supervises Destruction of Nine Lakh Liters of Seized Alcohol

Patna DM supervising destruction of 17,000 liquor bottles in Patna on Tuesday.

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Patna: The district administration, under the supervision of Patna District Magistrate (DM), destroyed nearly 10 lakh liters of alcohol seized in the last 13 months and were being stored in various warehouses for reasons known only to the district administration and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

{gallery}newsimages2017/may/050917_2{/gallery}Just two days after the administration 'blamed the rats' for drinking up 9 lakh liters of alcohol in spite of the fact that it is not a secret that alcohol is still being sold in Bihar to those who know people in high places or have the cash to buy bottles being sold at prices 4-5 times higher than their normal prices, Patna DM Sanjay Agrawal, outside a warehouse in Lakhani Bigha in Khagaul, supervised 10 lakh liters of alcohol, both foreign and Indian made, in more than 17,000 bottles, destroyed using a steam-rollerin full public view.

The destruction of the bottles was ordered by Patna Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Manu Maharaj who is said to have 'smelled a rat' when he noticed that the seized liquors were somehow disappearing from various warehouses in Patna.

When he tried to find out about the mysteriously decreasing inventory of the seized alcohol, he was told that rats were responsible for their decline as they had stumbled upon the taste of liquor and apparently liked it so much that they finished nearly 9 lakh liters of alcohol in the last few months.


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