Rename Bakhtiarpur

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During a recent trip to Bihar, I discovered that only fifty km from the capital city of Patna is a city and a district named after Bakhtiar Khilji, the ruthless killer who destroyed Nalanda and other centers of learning, burning over ten thousand scholars alive in the process.

It was one of the most despicable acts of barbarism, a crime against humanity, in recorded history. This area, then known as Magadh, was once the center of ancient Indian civilization. That is why young Siddharta Gautam came down from the Himalayas to this area; Mahavira Jain was here too.

After many centuries, Bihar is yet to recover from the effects of that destruction. In the seventy years since independence, numerous cities, roads, and institutions have been renamed. I humbly appeal to the local community leaders that as patriotic Indians, they should start a movement to find a more appropriate name for their city and district, perhaps Magadh, or Bimbisar, the first king who became a follower of Buddha.

I hope the honorable chief minister of Bihar will support this suggestion enthusiastically.


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