Bihar is covered by the forest in only 7.23% of the total area. Natural forests contribute for just 6.87% while, according to the 'Green India Mission', the forest cover should be 33% at least.

In a rush of urbanization, the basics of survivals are forgotten. Forests are essential for climate regulation and make life of people easier. The grim reality is that people talk of such high talk only when they face the burn as someone has said- “The winding down of summer puts me in a heavy philosophical mood.” This summer is making people to face the heat literally and there is joke going around of roasting chickens in sunlight.

Patna is once again in the grip of intense heat wave. Temperature is soaring daily and beating all-time records as if it is competing with new tall upcoming buildings here. The heat is on, literally. It's sticky, uncomfortable and downright dangerous.

Heat waves are nothing new in Patna, but they're becoming longer, hotter and more common. There are already a number of cases of sunstroke reported in the city. However, you can be cool as I am going to tell you what it takes to beat the heat.

Heat illness happen when the body’s natural methods for coping with heat are overwhelmed and it can affect all ages and levels of fitness. Active physical exertion and/or hot weather conditions like present can trigger these dangerous physical responses. Heat illnesses can be relatively mild such as heat rash or heat cramps or serious such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The onset and sequence of the symptoms can be subtle; one may not realize that s/he becoming ill. These serious conditions can easily be avoided by simple avoidance measures, and knowing how to spot the earliest symptoms.

What to do when it's too hot outside.

When you must be active on hot days:

Wear light-colored, lightweight and loose fitting clothing.

Use umbrella, sunblock, sun hats and other measures to prevent sunburn.

Drink water gradually throughout the day, even when you are not thirsty.

Schedule heavy activity in the cooler morning and evening hours.

Scale back or slow down your workout regimen during very hot weather.

Never leave a child in a vehicle (The temperature inside car parked in the sun on a hot day can reach 170 degrees in as little as ten minutes.)

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