Don't limit a child to your own learning, for he was born in another time - Rabindranath Tagore

As per newspaper reports, CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) found that schools were assigning too many projects in each subject to individual students which compelled students to do these projects at home. In a letter sent to schools, CBSE said, "Artificial subject boundaries impede contextualized learning and deprive students of exploring the interconnectedness of different forms of knowledge. Moreover the transfer of knowledge from one subject to other can most effectively be demonstrated and strengthened through multidisciplinary projects".

In the name of modern and progressive education system in the country, the stress of children at their impressionable age is becoming heavy which, experts feel, if not checked and corrected, would be disastrous in coming years.

Four to six hours quality teaching at school is more than enough for the mental development of any child in this age of information and technological boom. In fact, in most of our schools, the teachers are not adequately qualified, what to talk of properly trained. Many private schools have become the commercial establishments making money by exploiting the guardians to the extent possible. And on top of this, the inhumane act of loading projects to be completed at home thereby keeping the children stressed further, sometimes beyond redemption for inexplicable reasons.

If an independent survey is conducted to look into the facilities available for sports and other extra-curricular activities to students in the schools and if at all available, how much time the students are engaged in such activities on a regular basis, it can very well be observed that our children at large are compelled to be away from extra-curricular activities which is so essential for the healthy growth of a child.

This is an open fact that extracurricular activities are great learning as well as self-fulfilling experience in itself. It greatly helps develop many leadership qualities - from time management to relationship building to discovering one's own latent potential and inherent strengths and what not, which are the vital prerequisites for all round upbringing - emotionally, socially, morally, intellectually and physically, of our children.

CBSE authorities should take into account these facts while preparing the course curriculum as well as guidelines for school administration to ensure grooming our own children as strong, sensible and responsible citizens of the country.

milan sinhaMilan K. Sinha has worked in senior positions in financial sector for three decades following three years of active writing in various newspapers and magazines. A post graduate in Chemistry from Patna University and also a graduate with Economics. Presently, besides being a freelance writer/a regular contributor to newspapers and magazines, also engaged as a Stress Management, Lifestyle Management and Wellness consultant, Motivational Speaker and Awareness campaigner.
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