On 26-27 August 2018, my wife Reeta, and I had the rare opportunity to host at our residence an eminent follower of Mohandas Gandhi, Dr. S.N.Subbarao. One of his best-known achievements was when in early 1970’s, under the guidance and leadership of Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan, he founded the Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram in the Chambal valley of Madhya Pradesh and brought hundreds of dacoits (professional bandits) into the mainstream.

Observers of Nitish Kumar’s tenure agree three terms as Chief Minister should be sufficient to show substantial improvement in the health of a province. Many critics, not necessarily hostile, say on many fundamental benchmarks against which his administration must be tested Nitish fell far short. For instance, health care system or law and order in general continued to be sick despite his claim of a clean and efficient administration, Sushasan, in Bihar.

As the holy month of Ramazan for Muslims concluded this year (2018), there was by and large a feeling of goodwill and festivity among the Muslims and others in Bihar (and India). The Ramazan message of peace, charity and brotherhood was meant to spread everywhere. The month, however, wasn’t free from violence in certain parts of the world where the Muslims were in majority.