On the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, the apostle of nonviolence and peace, we left Hamilton (Ontario, Canada) following the news that 58 people were massacred in Las Vegas, Arizona, USA, by a white gunman from the 32nd floor of a hotel. He sprayed bullets on a massive crowd of 20,000 people watching a concert. There were 400 and up injured. The casualties will likely go up. President Trump addressed the nation and consoled the Americans.

On 31 August 2017, after nearly sixteen months, a judicial court in the district of Gaya, delivered a judgment holding Rocky Yaday, a young son of former legislator-parents, guilty of murdering another young motorist on the road. The fault of the assassinated man was that he reportedly overtook the Land Rover Rocky was riding along with the two more accomplices.

Is the Bihar coalition government in trouble? Are Lalu’s clan members seriously enmeshed in corruption scandals with him? Is Narendra Modi, the head of the federal government, wrecking political vendetta on his arch opponent? Is the BJP salivating to come to power even if it means embracing a betrayer?

Ramazan is a month-long period of day-time fasting and prayer for the Muslims worldwide that commemorates the first revelation of the holy Quran to their prophet Muhammad. This annual observance is regarded by the practicing Muslims as one of the five pillars of Islam. During this period Muslims are obligated to be kind, generous and truthful. They must refrain from hurting others (except in self-defence), emancipate themselves spiritually and reflect on the sufferings of others.