The recent decision taken by UAE rulers to rename an Abu Dhabi mosque in honour of Mary, Mother of Jesus is a testimony to uphold the much-cherished open-mindedness and harmony in this region.

The decision shows the country’s excellent commitment to the principles of religious tolerance, open-mindedness and faith in co-existence. Moreover, the decision offers a message that the followers of different faiths have a right to continue with their personal beliefs and thus share much in the way of common values and a common commitment to humanity.

The UAE has more than 200 different nationalities and is home to various religious beliefs and faiths, all of whom live in peace and harmony in this country. The decision taken by UAE rulers is of far more significance since the world is at present divided in the name of religion, caste, creed and other considerations.

Needless to mention here that other countries should also follow this path of tolerance as adopted by the UAE. As a matter of fact, it is the kind and magnanimous vision of the authorities of UAE that helps keep all faiths united together. This is, indeed, a real example of peace and tolerance that the UAE can show to the world.

Though being a Muslim-majority country, UAE has over 40 churches, catering to hundreds of believers of Christianity along with Sikh and Hindu places of worship who have Gurudwaras and Temples for offering their prayers, obeisance and homage. A Hindu Temple at Bur Dubai is dedicated to Shiva and Sri Krishna and is known as the Shiva and Krishna Mandir Temple Complex. The complex, over the years, has added two more temples to its periphery: a Gurudwara and Lord Shrinath Ji Temple.

shiben rainaDr. Shiben Krishen Raina
Currently in Ajman (UAE)
Member, Hindi Salahkar Samiti,
Ministry of Law & Justice (Govt. of India)
Senior Fellow, Ministry of Culture (Govt. of India)

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