It has been almost a decade since it happened, but the horrors of the Bush presidency seem like they happened yesterday. It was a dark age in the history of America. War profiteers turned a terrorist attack into a global crisis which resulted in severe damage to humanity – both within and without the United States.

As one looks back over the wake of the Bush Presidency, one sees thousands of lives lost, thousands maimed and the damage from the aftershocks that were generated by the results of the hubris of the administration of a frat boy president. Dubya, as George W. Bush was often called, abdicated decision making to blood lusting ex-corporate capitalists who had come to occupy major roles in his administration. Their aim was to make a dollar – regardless of the means.

While the unholy mission of the corporates entrenched in Bush's presidency was routing civilizations in the Middle East, there were voices that cheered on the depravation. That was the golden age of the microphone from behind which, pea brained talk show hosts with booming voices, used racist rhetoric to justify all the wrongs while claiming righteousness justified by their skin tone, religion and economic top dog status. The economic chasm had become wider because the decimation of the middle class was at its peak. It is widely recognized that this was caused by record trade deficits, job outsourcing and reckless borrowing.

While the attention of the world was focused on the brouhaha of unjustifiable wars and its fallout, the bankers were quietly looting the retirement accounts of the middle class by precipitating a deliberately created mortgage crisis. Yet, among all this, there were cheerleaders who ran talk shows that were widely popular with the same group of nuts that are today foolishly feeling emboldened by Trump’s victory. They cannot be more wrong. Donald Trump does not appear to be a dog that this tail can wag. Steve Bannon’s appointment should not be read wrong. He is probably a stick that Trump may wish to have but never intends to have to use.

Sadly today, the uneducated nutcase talk-show hosts seen during the Bush presidency have been replaced by supposedly educated elite who are stumbling over one another to lynch Trump for crimes that haven't taken place, and probably are only a figment of their imagination.

Trump has barely formed an administration. He has not passed a single law yet. At this point any uprising against him is nothing more than a protest against democratic values.

It is sad to see that these JNU-esque educators who are supposed to impart democratic values into the impressionable minds of our youths not only engage in political jingoism but go as far as dismissing classes to facilitate protests and removing the national flag from the University. By engaging in the latter, they are amply demonstrating that they are not much better than the uneducated gas bag that sits behind a microphone at a radio station and pollutes the minds of our youth by abusing their freedom of expression.