Sharad Yadav's speech can be seen as a damage control mechanism in maitaining the high diginity of the Parliamentary system of democracy of the country. His speech, in the Parliament on August 27, 2011 on Jan Lokpal Bill, was really very impressive, reflecting his honesty, knowledge about the functioning of a Parliamentary system.

A perusal of all comments posits the mindset of the people and their myopic views on issues facing India. It also indicates the quality of educational environment in which they are groomed up. It also indicates their weirdness and that's why these days we have been labeled as violent thinkers and not critical-thinkers.

I am writing this from Shanghai, China. Here, I have come for an international conference. I have been tracking the development of Anna episode in India. Some international intellectuals interacted with me and asked what is going on in India and who is this Anna Hazare? Is India really a very corrupt country?

Baba Ramdev has gone to the Himalayan heights to raise the issues of black money, corruption, and other improvements in governance practices in India. After activist Anna Hazare brought the government to its knees, now Baba Ramdev has repeated it with a big bang and fanfare under the garb of performing Yoga in Ramlila Maidan. Bravo!

Indian public is becoming overly optimistic and too ambitious about the Lokpal Bill. They think that it will be a panacea for elimination of corruption from India. It is a misnomer. It may act only a preliminary deterrent but I have doubts on its effective implementation. It may meet the same fate like other laws. We have IPC section 302 which has provisions for capital punishment in murder cases. Are murdering stopped in this country?

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