Shatrughan Sinha (SS) has been playing negative politics from the very beginning when Modi took office as Prime Minister of the country. For best reasons known to BJP leaders, he was not given any ministerial position and the news around that time was that he got frustrated for not getting any high post in BJP.

The rumours were also that he had even thought that he would be projected as the Chief Minister candidate for BJP in Bihar election. He was playing his star factor but many people believed that he does not possess much merit for ministerial position. His performance as Union Cabinet Minister for Health and Family Welfare during Bajpai government was of much concerned.

His main job since 2014, has been often to appear on TV or go to media and make negative statements in filmy style and like a parrot against BJP leadership. We would like to ask him what has been his contributions to the party and society and to his voters in last 5 years. He states that he is accountable to the public not to BJP leaders. Can he prepare his Balance Sheet of his contributions and performance as Member of Parliament for 5 years and come out to the public if he has guts to do that? He has not created any asset neither for the party nor for the public. In fact, he has been a big liability to the party. He often has embarrassed BJP leaders in media. He only speaks dialogues and Sher-Shayari and people clap for him. He used to think that he is big star and that is his contribution. The other day, he appeared in Kapil Sharma’s Comedy show with his family and did a lot of Sher-Shayari, which might had created some comedy for the audience but as an MP what has he done? We are questioning him.

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, a mega star, very soft-spoken person, has been continuously contributing for the society development and inspiring young mind. Though he is not a Member of Parliament, yet, as a public figure, he understands his great responsibilities. SS should have learned from him though both are friends and contemporary stars. SS only shows big ego which perhaps seem to be bigger than the size of the brain. Such people should have been innovative, critical thinker and would have given productive ideas and suggestions how and where rapid economic, and social development is needed whether it was metros or rural areas or his constituency. The scenario of his performance would have been different. Voters and leaders would had appreciated such contributions.

If he was uncomfortable in BJP, he should have resigned and left gracefully and then should have explained to the voters and the nation reasons for his leaving the party. In fact, in 2017, BJP Leader Krishna S. Rao from Telangana while talking to NDTV even advised Shatrughan Sinha and Yashwant Sinha "An ideal situation is that they resign from the party. They should take a call, if they have so much of problems in governance and they are not finding enough opportunities to voice within the party, they should resign”.

However, it looked that Shatrughan Sinha was shrewd in criticizing BJP leadership and often meeting opposition leaders, some of them of doubtful integrity and spoiling the reputation of the party, assuming that BJP would take action against him and he can play the victim card.
On 19th January 2019, at the opposition Mahagathbandhan (Grand Alliance) rally in West Bengal, he was speaking all nonsense which has no meaning. The way he was making mockery of the various developmental programmes of the government and Rafale issue, it was really disgusting from such people. One can easily understand how such politicians will react when their ambitions are not met easily, how opportunistic they become to fulfil their ambitions.

In the last 70 years, Indian political history has several such instances and ultimately the people and nation suffered. My question is why public vote and elect such people who are exposed and cannot deliver anything except speaking only filmy dialogues?

Some people commented about him in my previous article (22 Nov 2015) as follows:

“Neta Ji can pick up a few small tasks and do them at his best level; mobilize socially and educationally relevant activities in the region ... and many more”

“Shatrughan Sinha never intended to serve his constituency. His goal was to get a free bungalow in Delhi and other perks that are given to the MPs”.

“He has no interest in serving the people of Patna Sahib, he considers himself Bihari Babu, whose birth right is to be elected, because he is a loved star of people and only Bollywood ‘star’ Bihar has ever produced”.

I would strongly conclude that the main lesson SS has learned from his political career has been – “Jis thali mein khao, usi mein chhed kar” (Bite the hand that feeds you). He forgot that loyalty always pays. His anti-Modi and anti-BJP stand tagged him as a rebellion and an opportunity to bond with opposition parties. That looks the right place and space for him.