It is the election time in India as Election Commission has announced the election dates starting from 11th April 2019 until 19th May 2019. As a result, code of conduct during election period is in place so that political parties and candidates cannot influence the voters by any means and elections are conducted in a fair and peaceful environment.

Also, this code of conduct is meant for the conduct of political parties and candidates during elections mainly with respect to speeches, polling day, polling booths, portfolios, election manifestos, processions and general conduct.

From a few surveys and interactions with people, it is clearly emerging that NDA will again come to power with a clear majority. The mood of general public is to vote for the leadership of Narendra Modi. Why not, Modi must come to power again as his government has implemented several developmental projects which will have long term implications. India has become much stronger now and India has been playing a key role in international politics and development. Indian armed forces are now well equipped with modern technology and Indians feel much secure than any time before. His government has implemented various schemes for the welfare of poor and other lower income groups as well as for farmers. Hopefully, in next five years, NDA government will be able to create more jobs for Indian youth by implementing a number of other development projects.

Many politicians have taunted Congress that they should prepare their alliance strategies for 2024. But I am of the strong opinion that the way NDA under Modi’s leadership has functioned in five years, Modi will continue to rule India until 2030. In next 10 years, Modi will make India a super power and will take India to the heights of an almost developed country. Modi has a visionary personality, his foresightedness and ability to take bold and timely decisions will make India more powerful and economically a world power.

In this election again, there will be role of “MISINFORMATION”. Political parties, particularly the Congress Party, will strongly resort to misinformation to misguide the voters. However, this is not going to work. Today’s leaders of Congress have taken the party to a sinking ship. This is what happens with the third generation of leadership when they lack competencies, political maturity, and weak leadership.

Therefore, it is suggested to Congress to draw a long-range plan and work out political strategies for 2030, not for 2024, if they want to win election in 2030. By that time, it is expected that Modi’s government will make India a less corrupt and near to developed country. If Congress succeeds in 2030 elections, they will come to power to make India again a poor and corrupt country because Congress ruled this country for more than five decades under the garb of “Garibi Hatao” (poverty eradication), but that never happened.