'Being Muslim will be tougher after 16 May’ (link) is not a wise man statement of a historian like Prof Mushirul Hassan. Does it mean that being Hindus will be blissful after 16 May? Intention behind is anti-unity and polarizing the Indian community into facets.

(The picture on the left taken on Friday morning on March 7, 2014 showing the side wall of the mosque in the down town of central Riyadh, KSA)

Who is caring this unattended slander beauty? Abandoned though, but attracts one’s irresistible sensibility on its visual and selfless invitation.

Hung Delhi Assembly is ironic and an indication of democratic outlaw. 65% poll is a proof in itself that the majority of the people want the formation of the government. How pity that people have registered their opinion under the provision of the constitutional obligation but failed to have a legal government? Coalition mantra is not working; horse trading is very risky as the size of the total seat is just 62. What a bad arithmetic!

Aristocratic demeanor of political parties is what really matters if we talk of the forthcoming 2014 general elections. The Election Commission of India has been trying hard to put check on the lavish expenditure on the process of election engineering while the paradox is that the Indian polity is not breathing well and getting away from the chords of values which is unfortunately being a far cry for common Indians.

The word ‘women’ meaning ‘we’ the men phonologically. The origin of feminine third person pronoun ‘she’ is impossible without suffixing ‘he’. It means the pronoun ‘she’ lays in the origin of the word ‘he’ semantically.

Better is not the enemy of good.

How lucky that a common of Bihar is in a world stricken with innumerable negative people and events but still always busy developing a mental playground or just slip into one’s own dreamland. Be it experimenting countless political thoughts or turning the wheel of social reformation or even the birth of ‘Super-30’ on the soil of Bihar. The math teacher (Amitabh Bachchan) has to imitate the teaching methodology in Prakash Jha’s film ‘ARAKSHAN’. Though, the stigma of reservation policy still haunts the many emotionally and intellectually. 

Satan, the protagonist in John Milton's epic Paradise Lost has been taken by the critics as the first democrat. Biblical way of saying is that it was Satan's disobedience that germinated in his mind and he bowed to corrupt the mankind. The first moral down fall of the mankind is the work of Satan.  So is the purpose of desperation, confusion and loss of belongingness in terms of morality and the befallen humanity.

No camouflage, no act of superficial articulation, or a digressed actor, Dev Anand epitomized characterization into a true semblance of real emotions. His inner protagonist came out as the making of the finest fiber of silk worm artistically woven and shaped with real colors of day-to-days life.

Terrorism ever since its inception has always been like a game of chess. The opposite of violence is peace. So the word terror can’t take or act as violence. There has to be a line of demarcation because, every act of violence is not terror but every act of terror is ultimately violence.

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