Burst of happiness has made the land of Egypt ecstatic and the people euphoric. This historic event explains that unity of people can fight and give befitting answer to those who underestimate the liking and disliking of the people.

The word ‘Hindi’ of Persian origin was frequently used by Arabs traders. Persian and Arabs use it as Creole in their official linguistic term as an adjective to express the nationality of an Indian regardless of the religion of an Indian (he/she) belongs to.

Islam does not like the continuation of tussle to remain between the two. Human life is neither too short nor very long as per the normal course of mortality rate. We dig history and open up unnecessary chapter which has got no human values but of course for greater degree of personal gain by playing human instinct. This is personification which is not inline with the heart of Islamic philosophy. It could be even political segment of an individual.

Shri Ram Vilas Paswan has got considerably a long experience of Indian politics. He is a visionary and a practical politician. Needless to say about his cabinet rank ministerial posts at the Centre he has been held for. And the credentials he has earned for remarkable achievements, particularly as railway and health minister without having an iota of controversy of any type in his political career.

Is popularity a yardstick/parameter for contesting elections? Do elections mean a political show of known figures? As such our revered constitution doesn’t lay down any condition in terms of personality of the candidature or says nothing about moral strength of an individual Indian.

The news ‘High Voltage Drama at Bihar Assembly/Feb 25, 2009’ brings pathos and it seems that it has hardly got any news value. The former president and army chief Perwez Musharraf is an Indian by berth. His visit to Naharwali Gali at Daryaganj, Delhi 6 (also Shahjahanbad) was irresistible during his India visit.

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