Eight Oscars sound good and the jubilant and proud winners of Hollywood-Bollywood must be swollen with pride. Hearty congratulations to them!

The world of cinema through its whims and fancy has once again depicted the reality in which the evil of money is the nucleus of the entire world affairs.

An honorable MLA pledges to commit suicide….How ridiculous! Careless of his several thousands people of his constituency is not even sensible towards his moral and legal obligation. What of those disappointed youths who might have supported him and thought of him as their leader?

Even after separating Jharkhand from the second largest populated state, Bihar, the ongoing situations in Maharashtra against the people of Bihar is bound to stir the minds of millions Biharis.

Nothing in material form is permanent other than change. There are classic examples and an enlightening chronology of events in the history of Indian soil where the voice of the people has predominantly been the strongest and never in a slavery of the rulers.

How curious I am now to remember those unforgettable days? It springs with all refreshing fragrance even today giving a soft touch and sensitized all the senses; rather a re-play of all but the tragedy is: they are no more.

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