Enmity in politics in a democratic country like India has always been a butt of bitter criticism. No one outwardly likes it neither it was ever before during the era of our stalwarts national politicians.

'No one is a foe or friend in politics' is what the surfacing paradox that is seen in Delhi assembly election. All against One! That's the spirit of democracy. Nevertheless, it tastes a song of fire and ice wherein lies the instability, political benefits, anachronism, fabrication and so and forth.

The binding force between the people and the political system is the grounding of social issues of common man in the country. Be it our fight for India's independence or the JP-Andolan; society gets united on the ground of common welfare issues. This way, 'anarchy or anarchist' can never be a trumping slogan to attract the attention of a common people of Delhi against Arvind Kejriwal. He is not a budding politician. He is gaining his political goals. He is trying to strengthen moral stature stronger what it was not in 2013 Delhi assembly election.

It's true that at a point of time, a sense of non-alignment surfaced after his defeat in Varanasi. As a result, Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi parted away from AAP, even though the core issues still keep them together. In terms of peoples' need and their social rights, issues are still fresh on the agenda. Intensive and storming election meetings are the witness that people are intact on common social problems like 'Jhuggi' dwellers, electricity bills, free water, health services, woman security, transportation, school education, youth employment, skills development etc.

Was Delhi not smart enough to address these issues before in its first assembly election in 1993?

Political development is a radical sign of our democracy and it never stops. Delhi is a world heritage city without any certification or introduction. It belongs to the people of the country and the world that needs no glorification for its majestic credentials. For the medieval or the modern, Delhi is a readymade smart city competing with other capital cities of the world.

Yes, Corruption Free Delhi is what we need the most.

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