Call this country by any name, still the average Indian breaths in immortal India. Mere geographical boundary and ethnic background of an individual has never been the only attraction to any stranger of different race or community across the world who thought of visiting India or even invading it.

The land of India has always been a glittering source to satisfy the passion of scores of philosophical personalities, travelers, and social thinkers. And who could feel this better than the Orientalists?

This land has taught the world about massive power of diversity which is carrying forward even today at the helm of international multilateralism and global political bargains. India has proved this time and again that mutual coexistence of human race is not only the backbone of mankind but a mission that lives and breathes in the openness of human thoughts and natural perception. Perhaps, this was the silver line mark for the Orientalists who called this land a land of mystery and mythology.

Diversity lives in a diverse society. Non-conformity and seclusion laced with extravagant egoism is a deadly sign of epileptic society. It’s time that such dogmas get free from the shackle of monolithic culture and disbelief.

The year 2014 might be termed as shifting political matrix of mid 1950s India polity to a religious and social dogmatic vista which is being surfaced in the minds of contemporary political perception.

Unfortunately, it’s proving to be a fragile norm which has temporarily taken place in particular regions of India territories. This is happening due to utter insensible behavior and misconception. Misleading youth of this generation is bound to bring about a kind of social chaos and restlessness alongside sick economic growth and loss of international recognition.

The emergence of such political exercises will bring to us discomfit and mute humiliation in the eyes of international community. India is blessed with versatile geography and gifted with massive power of togetherness in terms of race, believes creed and cultures. Replacement of them will add impassibility to our modern edifice of living together.

The worst is that it’s taking place under the garb of violent political engineering and top executives. Such political insensibility is an imp that brings to us a fairytale of melodrama and humiliation. Generation gap is fine under the observation of a zooming glass in one of the hands of a rightful civilian, but a genetic degradation and playful biopsy is a dangerous experiment and ridiculously unsafe for the generation to come.

Madani Mohiuddn Ahmad, King Saud University, Riyadh, KSA