Scene One: Today, the 28th of February, the wee hour of Monday's dieing morning is something for an average Indian, everything for Corporate India and nothing for a majority of Indians.

 A paper presentation of documented facts and fiction of fiscal terminology adapted from the dictionary of world economy in the language of India's growth and development is on the air world wide.

It comes every year and the show is still on. All the means of micro and mega communication technology are occupied and will not be spared to remain free. The maximum live coverage of this routine historic event is a must. No matter the intermingling commercial breaks for Pepsi, Johnson & Johnson, Olay… interrupts.  How to convert black money into white is also the part of the provision on the table of the finance minister where the giant economist Dr. Manmohan Singh sits glued to the euphonious listening of the budget speech delivery, typically twisted in fricative labial-dental Bengali English.

Serving of Raso-gullas may be big or small, may be sugar-free or even made of imported sugar, makes no difference to the ongoing wild IWC cricket mania. They are lost and just interested in the bowling and the batting styles of the players. No matter, they have paid the cost of the ticket Rs. 5000 in place of Rs. 500.

Scene Two: Union Railway budget has not raised the cost of passengers' tickets even by a single paisa. Millions of commuters are happy. What do they know of railway security; names of the safety gadgets, functions, prices and their working conditions; they are originals or duplicate; trains are running at the speed of 100+ km/hour in place of 60 or 70, the tracks are technically fit or not as per the standards examined by the international rail technocrats.

People are fleeing from their villages in quest of jobs to the mega cities of the country is no a social problem. The subsidy cut in the diesel price has annoyed them. What of this embittered nature of nobler farmers? Perhaps the urban development ministry will take care of these migrants! The size of job opportunity in view of the global economy has been widened for the 60% youth of the total population of the country. They need not bother wasting time in calculating the RBI Reserves and loss of country's money in the 2G Spectrum scandal? Above all, what happened to those several financial scandals of the past? They are no more in the memory. These are not weary questions. Better, youths from across the country now travel in the special trains specially meant for them. Since the local education system has been paralyzed in their respective areas, they can say goodbye to it and travel to their destinations for making the dreams come true at a subsidized cost of train fair in the name of students. On their arrival, at least they can watch cricket match even by selling entry tickets for a seat in the grand stadium of the mega cities!

Scene Three: Parliament House is the witness for having a lady prime minister for the first time since its birth. The House can have more, provided the people of the country decide. There have been Commissions after Commissions for improving the overall conditions of Indian women. It is unfortunate though that the atrocities on them have gone several folds up. The goddess, the incarnation of power will keep its fingers crossed on the sky touch prices of the essential commodities. Unaware of the purity of the pure ghee, they are using it and feel pride preparing morning breakfast for the office-going husbands and the packed lunch for the school going children. They are comfortable and take pride by receiving the Lady Mayor of the city at the door of their sweet home with an ignorant flash of smile on their painted lips in red__

"We will be the winner. Let the Women Reservation Bill come on the table during the Parliament session… length of maternity leave will go up and the paternity down. After all it is a loss of working hours. Why should the people suffer? More job reservation for the women in public and private sectors… global economy first, India's growth and development comes later … you know."

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