Burst of happiness has made the land of Egypt ecstatic and the people euphoric. This historic event explains that unity of people can fight and give befitting answer to those who underestimate the liking and disliking of the people.

Exploitation is a curse, people cannot tolerate it, corruption is a cancer, people cannot bear it, dignity and self-respect of the people is a must, everyone needs it. This is what democracy stands for. Bahujan hitay-e bahujan sukhay-e is the sole of democracy; it simply means that democracy is a responsibility under responsive governance. And, no governance is absolute as it can be dismantled any time anywhere.

Does it mean that majority could be wrong or majority is never wrong? Burst of passion and expressing euphoria are the models of ultimate truth and are the necessary ingredients of human nature. People come and go as weather does. It's simply a natural process? Fair enough. What then, best replica of system proves that particular governance takes care of all regardless of talking majority or minority? Is there any established, balanced relationship between disease and the medicine?

Only time proves it.

Galileo of Italy was not acceptable to the ecclesiastical authority of Rome; Rudolf Hitler was not acceptable to the Allies; British colonization was not acceptable to the Indian Revolutionists so was to the Americans; Socrates was unacceptable to the Greek, was given a cup of hemlock to prove his stand only after drinking it; Plato did not like romantics on the basis of his rhetorical demands of human life while Aristotle appreciated it on the ground that human life is colorful. One needs it to explore human lives. Sand made countless footprints get washed away in no time by one current of the infinite ocean. Yes, the mantilla of civilization is always in the workshop of human intellect and will keep coming to it with the passage of time so long as civilizations of the world live on.

Thus, democracy is meritocracy loaded with optimum responsibility inline with real demands of the people.

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