The word ‘Hindi’ of Persian origin was frequently used by Arabs traders. Persian and Arabs use it as Creole in their official linguistic term as an adjective to express the nationality of an Indian regardless of the religion of an Indian (he/she) belongs to.

The feminine gender of ‘hindi’ is ‘hindiya’ ????-?????.The geographical world map describes one of the oceans as ‘Indian Ocean’ the Arabic bahar hindiya  ???????? .

Officially, the term ‘hindi’ is quite frequent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Our national song by Ikbal:

‘Hindi hain hum watan hain, Hindustan hamara = ???? ??? ?? ??? ??? ??? ? ??? ? ??? ??. It is best exemplary, on the eve of national festival when the the Vijay Chowk is echoed with the strings of patriotism. The army bands of the Indian Army are the worthy of all praises for playing this musical rhymes. The impact is tremendous which runs in the veins of every Indian. Another derivative of the term is the phrase ‘Azaad Hind Fauz’ coined by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, the founder. The word ‘hind’ without a vowel ‘i’ intensifies the slogans articulated with full throat by everyone out there. This chorus surrounding the Lal Qila comes every year on the eve of Independence Day. What comes to the mind of an Indian if ‘Jai Hind’ is pronounced as ‘Jai Hindu’ with a difference of just another one vowel ‘u’? This is what aching to the political perception of Shri Digvijay Singh, a very senior Congress leader. He seems quite comfortable by saying ‘anti-Muslim RSS is like Nazis.’

All time shining star of Indian cinema Shri Dilip Kumar bears a touching story in terms of his faith Islam that he practices. Vir Sanghvi elucidates this beautifully:

The soothing effects of enchantments from Upanishad are still embossed on my memory which I wish to recollect and mention.

‘Hindus are not real Hindus what the ‘Karma’ of Hinduism demands from every Hindu’. His holiness, the Shankaracharya of Kashmir said this in his sermon from the podium at Gaurishankar temple, Chandani Chowk, Delhi. Then, I was a graduate student of Jamia Millia Islamia during the 80s. The insight of the saying of his holiness unfolds the layers of mysteries. For one firm conviction that the oneness of mankind lies to the understanding of every religion of the world which leads the super consciousness of mankind beautifully created by The Supreme Creator.

...????? ? ??? ? ?? ???? ??? ?? (khlaqnal inssan-e fi ahsan-e taqweem = mankind has been created in the best form).The Qur-aan, Chapter 95: Verse: 4

Thus, has mankind deflected from its real form or stature particularly form the material point of view?

Whatsoever, success solely rests with one’s true submission and surrender wholly to Him, the Creator. The attainment of real faith and its instalment within oneself is possible through a mixed approach of inter-religion relationship the way all rivers, the shortest or the longest, return to one infinite ocean. The word ‘religion’ is a derivative of Latin re-legare, meaning return to something. The prefix ‘re+…’ is self explanatory.

Terrorism, world around is a threat to mankind and should be taken as a chronic dissatisfaction being expressed in its material form globally by a handful. The sting of a scorpion or the hiss of a snake is understandable. These are there in their nature. To be exact, this is what they stand for. Wounded and weak tiger is an easy prey to hyenas. The tragic part of today’s humanity seems hyenas in the garb of tigers.

How to gauge is the subject matter of garbology that contains enough work of terrorism:

Anarchists killed the Russian Tsar Alexander in 1881 and the US President McKinley in 1901; during the World War-I, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria was killed, Mao Zedong and Fidel Castro killed several civilians during their revolutionary campaigns; Haganah , Irgun and Stern Gangs killed civilians in Palestine after World War- II;

Baader-Meinhoff killed several in Germany in 1968-92; Aum Shinrikyo a Buddhist cult of Japan killed thousands in Tokyo by using nerve gas in 1995…Irish Republic Army, Lord’s Salvation Army of Uganda, LLTE of Sri Lanka the killer of late Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi in 1991; intra-nationally the militants in Kashmir killed Professor Mushrul Haque the then the Vice-Chancellor of Kashmir University and a senior faculty of Jamia Millia Islamia Delhi, Bhindranwale led militants of Punjab responsible for killing Smt. Indira Gandhi, ULFA of Assam, Naga militant groups in Nagaland and the most dreaded of the current decade is the Maoist groups active in about 150 districts out of 600 in the country. So far, they are the biggest killer of people from every sector, government or non government.          

The grotesque face of terrorism has spared no part of the living planet. Why then it is being taken Muslim’s monopoly? Hinduism or Islam or any religion of the world never advocates terrorism by any one and in any form. Forms of terrorism are many. Nethari case of Noida UP on the outskirts of Delhi will equally terrorise any child anywhere in the world; carpet bombings by Israel has worst terrorised the innocent children in the streets of Palestine and…. What of these ultimately? Bomb blasts inside Mecca Masjid in Hyderabad, blast in Alexandria, Egypt or Akshardham Temple in Delhi: all lead to a serious deflection from mankind.

Has corruption in any form got any connotation with terrorism where intellectual corruption too cannot be ignored? ‘Every American is an America’ told by

Jefferson Emerson, the American transcendentalist and my favourite that really ignites the thoughts of every American but contradicts literally and intellectually what M.J Akbar’s Tinderbox advocates by calling that Pakistanis are more important than Pakistan while Indians are not more important than India.

Let our meditation work to the exploration of a newer contextual-ism.

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