Islam does not like the continuation of tussle to remain between the two. Human life is neither too short nor very long as per the normal course of mortality rate. We dig history and open up unnecessary chapter which has got no human values but of course for greater degree of personal gain by playing human instinct. This is personification which is not inline with the heart of Islamic philosophy. It could be even political segment of an individual.

Why then, there is a grave animosity against a political system like BJP which unfortunately lies in the mind-set of Indian Muslims? The number may be big or small in different regions of the country but it’s a fact that this political restrain in the mind of the Indian Muslims has put them in dilemma. A sincere and thoughtful political analysis by every Indian Muslim will certainly pave way to the attainment of political gain which will also prove to be a fair exercise of the secular Constitution of great India. Give a chance to a thought like this. It is a political party in the service of nation like any other party of sovereign India. And no party works against the nation.

I presume for a moment that BJP at time has done something wrong. Does it mean that Muslims have never done anything wrong or will do in the future? I do not think that BJP is a party of Hindus only. I have never heard Atal Ji or Advani Ji saying that only Hindus can serve the nation therefore BJP is a party of Hindus only. Hence inline with religious matter, misuse of religion is a moral crime. In a multicultural society like India what remains supreme is that every citizen of the country is equal in the eyes of law. The magnitude of success lies in the selflessness of a political party which serves the cause of the nation directed to each and every citizen of the country particularly the Indian Muslims. The testimonies of the Indian Muslims need not any certificate to prove this. It is just a matter of realization in the service of the nation and the people.

 If not, then, it is not submission per se in terms of faith or i:man by the practicing Muslims. Utter negligence of core values in life is a kind of curse and wrong perception. And no faith of the world denies it.

A lot has been said and written on the socio-economic and political status of Indian Muslims.  And it becomes a hot topic when election approaches and the political strategies start hovering over the issues. The reason is crystal clear: ours is democracy and every individual has got the right to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to various political questions. Sensitive and other corner talks are held helter-skelter; social interaction begins with chewing of tobacco or sipping tea which lead the all types of socially recognized activities. But most significant of them is social awareness.

 Sachchar Committee was constituted with a national and social purpose and the results are available with the government offices and have now been made public. A variety of inferences can be withdrawn for various reason particularly the political one. Nevertheless, statistics is a kind of fact but the objectivity of the subject matter may sound a harsh fact. Muslims in India are the…….. 

 Internationally recognized word ‘terrorism’ is never a civilized word and today it has become a syndicate with an aim to sell human blood. It is a symphony of demoniac laughter in the courtyard of the devils that terrorize this living planet. It could be more like a propaganda or opinion made or coined by an establishment or even an antiestablishment through its tyranny or hegymonycal nature. Simultaneously, terrorism is unacceptable as it can never be accepted as of a fact. Rumour is a moral crime. Responsible and civilized society has rejected this and will always reject this. As a matter of fact, terrorism has never been confined to one particular community. History proves this.

There are two things to be taken together: one the Muslim and the second the Islam. If a Muslim doesn’t practice Islam is a pseudo Muslim. The last prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) asked his followers to practice two things extensively, ‘Se-LAAM WA Te-AAM’ (Send peace on the people and feed them). One of the most fundamental teachings of Islam is peace. Arabic Salam, Hebrew Shalom and Sanskrit Shanty -----all meaning peace in English.  The binding force between Islam and Nature is one’s super consciousness. One can name this phenomenon ‘worship’ or ‘karma’. This sumyukti or the combination of the two is the attainment of peace and spiritual beauty. This sounds the Religion of Human Beings. “God doesn’t like tyranny done to human beings…” people of this kind will have to bear the severe consequences here and hereafter. This is what the Qur’an clearly declares.

Confusion is a kind of curse. Of course, Muslims of India need to understand this especially when the society demands something from their level of social performance. Social commitment is an unavoidable responsibility for all types of communities. The urgent need on the part of Muslims is to getting to those social requirements, identify them and fulfil them being optimistic in every good sense. Muslims hereby might introspect that they are not a play ball in the hands of the politicians or a string to the tunes of their political entertainment. Sensible political preparedness with a vision and accountability is the call of the time in today’s political scenario of the country. Or, the time is not going to be responsible for any loss:  material, or immaterial to the Indian Muslim community. May God forbid!

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