Weary and starving people approached the King Louis of France. They shouted against the authority at the doorstep of the King’s Palace. Negligence… corruption… high-handedness… cruelty… lechery, and what not...

The king summoned his immediate councilor and asked:

"What’s up? Why are people shouting? Have they got no manners?”
"Your Majesty! People are hungry…. Starving… eating rotten apple … they don’t have bread to eat.”
"They don’t have bread to eat?”
"Your Majesty…. yes.”
"Oh! Give them cake!”

The tentacles of Union budget 10-11 have pierced into the flesh of every common-man. The price of essentials commodities is skyhigh and beyond the reach of hard working class, particularly the daily wagers. No class of the society is untouched from this havoc of price rise. The agrarian class is overburdened with unbearable loads in terms of the cost of fertilizers and the irrigation facilities; their children are migrating for petty jobs to the cosmopolitans; no matter small farmers even sell their cultivating land for educating their children, which is not palpable in their own region or surroundings. Parents are stressful for the safety and security of their wards that are far away from their homes.

Now, 'The Woman Reservation Bill 09’, a long awaited nightmare. Home-makers shall be out of homes and the home will go homeless. What shall men do at home? Above all, what will it (the bill) add to our culture, our domestic values and the binding force, which keeps intact the Indian families? Men are unemployed. Global economy phobia is there haunting common person’s normal state of mind. What will happen if... and what... and what. Desperation is medicine for the striving and aspiring young men and women. Late young Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi worked tirelessly for lowering down the age limit of the voters. What is the success graph of the young Indians in the prevailing socio-economic uncertainty? Crime graph has gone up remarkably over the recent decades almost in all the sectors and hopelessness is clearly writ on the faces of young men and women.

What answers do the women bill 09 bear or probably will owe any responsibility other than another defragmentation within our own homes?

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