Shri Ram Vilas Paswan has got considerably a long experience of Indian politics. He is a visionary and a practical politician. Needless to say about his cabinet rank ministerial posts at the Centre he has been held for. And the credentials he has earned for remarkable achievements, particularly as railway and health minister without having an iota of controversy of any type in his political career.

The influence of the late prime minister of Shri VP Singh on Paswan Ji was obvious as VP Singh was his ‘natural leader’.  But I am perturbed by his capricious remarks on the functioning of JD-U+BJP under the able administration and leadership of the engineer chief minister Shri Nitish Kumar who is leaving no stone unturned for the all-round development and deprived Bihar. Why is Paswan Ji being marred and ignored for just earning political mileage and that too at the cost of staking Bihar’s development? He must realize that dismantling personal indifferences or even political rivalries is the need of the hour. The only option as of now is a very organized and united front for achieving core issues in the state. This is equally applicable to RJD Supreme and erstwhile JD star Shri Laloo Ji.

Bihar has suffered a lot on all the fronts. This decade has come up with a pandemonium like situation before the people of Bihar of all the strata. What Paswan Ji or Laloo Ji has gained by an alliance with CONGRESS over the days already gone?   Unfortunately nothing! Will both of them admit that they have been one time bitter critics of Congress and have worked with Congress as well? Will Rahul Gandhi’s political tour of Bihar, his creamy talk and hollow promises take Bihar on the path of success? What did congress do over grand 50 years of its long rule in Bihar? Great socialist and a visionary Bijoo Baboo of Orissa could better understand and smell the need of the hour.His successor Shri Naveen Patnaik is running fast in his right track of growth and development for his people and the state. Let both of you stalwarts realize that your association with the Congress did not prove to be any wonder, rather it was a political blunder? And harping with disassociation on Nitish government will adversely affect and slow down the on going developmental programmes of Bihar.

The wheel of time has taken a smart turn. Laloo Ji and Paswan Ji could better introspect.

Thus, why not at least for a preconception like (L)aloo-(N)itish-(P)aswan equation so that you could galvanized the dream of Loknayak- JaiPrakash -Narayan into action once again not only in Bihar but the entire country and people of Bihar could say with enchantment : Largest Democracy of the world kii Jai ho!!!

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