(The picture on the left taken on Friday morning on March 7, 2014 showing the side wall of the mosque in the down town of central Riyadh, KSA)

Who is caring this unattended slander beauty? Abandoned though, but attracts one’s irresistible sensibility on its visual and selfless invitation.

Seen beauty is indeed beautiful but those unseen are more beautiful.

What botanical name for the purpose of studying the physiology or anatomy of plant can aptly be given to this unattended beauty: lily, yellow rose, or a flower in love with the sun (the sunflower) or just a wild flower? Will it be a justified way of calling such an elegant and deserted flower a wild one? 

Amongst the living beings, there are countless wild things: wild animals or wild fruits like pineapple or custard apple. Darwinian approach to the understanding of ‘survival of the fittest’ in The Origin of Species may find a niche for writing a scientific paper which might be useful for the weary students of life sciences or even can  dent the psycho-philosophy of Freud to the findings of behavioral  human beings. A description like this may sound with a cockney accent that disapproves of modernity of expensive life style. Nevertheless, unfolding the charade of neutrality is equally important in terms of the glory of infinite Nature. The Law of Natural Selection is there in the library but the selection of wild beauty under the sun is self-explanatory. 

The beauty of garden exists where land is whereas beauty exits where feeling is. Both ways, the symphony of wildness pleases the hearing sense and can be heard by anchoring away from the violent crowd of insensibility. Practically it sounds to be one type of escape to the exploration of Nature and the bounty of priceless immaterial social phenomenon taking place continuously around us. Of which, we may not be aware of. 

Hard to believe that how the world of cosmetics enthralled with tireless effort for the production of beauty-show contests is keen enough to declare its beauty queen. Even the flower show contest by involving the craftsmanship of the decorators might attract or not, but the show is on for the booming entrepreneurship somewhere at the prime location of the city. How mundane! Beauty is on sale! Underlying theme of any beautiful object germinates on the soil of collective consciousness. Things around rooted into our susceptibility don’t fly away simply as lost memory. They remain appealing our notch of sensuality in one form or the other. ‘Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter…’ (John Keats: Ode on Grecian Urn).

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