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Dear children, I shall not argue my case in the arid language of logic and scientific method, some of the scientists themselves have taken good care of it and showed Dawkins’ claim, for what it is worth. I dwell in your hearts. That is, and has been our favourite meeting ground where I have been present and worshipped in some form or the other in every society from the most primitive to the most advanced societies much to the astonishment of the anthropologists and scientists who have been diligently stripping me in to layers and layers of illusion. But I have survived all that industry. So I’ll rest my case here. I shall get back to you soon with a more reasoned critique. Till then, I bless you all.

                                                                                                                                                                 - GOD HIMSELF

India Today magazine once referred to Manoje Nath, a 1973-batch IPS officer, as being fiercely independent, honest, and upright. Besides his numerous official reports on various issues exposing corruption in the bureaucracy in Bihar, Nath is also a writer extraordinaire expressing his thoughts on subjects ranging from science fiction to the effects of globalization. His sense of humor was evident through his extremely popular series named "Gulliver in Patiliputra" and "Modest Proposals" that were published in the local newspapers.