Why is India still a developing nation even though it has tremendous mental/intellectual prowess which it exports to the rest of the world? Other countries take brains from India and just provide them the right environment to blossom. Indian brains then make their nations great.

When we look back in history most great thinkers/strategists like Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Gautam Buddha, Lord Mahavir and n number of other greats were Indians who became great here in India. This goes to suggest that back then we had brilliant minds and the all-important environment in which they flourished.

The apparent next question is “What is wrong with the Indian environment which kills the motivation to excel / innovate and forces super brilliant brains to rot here?”

To my mind it was our imperial and subsequently the feudal system that created a poisonous environment for good brains and capable people. The Indian emperors/kings/feudal lords right down to the present day Indian bosses, with their super fat egos, all love(d) 'chamchagiri' to the point that they would destroy whoever tried to oppose them, even if the person is talking sense. They would destroy them if they looked happier. They would destroy them if they did not stoop low and crawl at their feet.

Now here comes the catch, the worthless among us know that their existence is dependent on their ability to please the boss. They go to the most extreme, often unethical and immoral levels to out beat their rivals in pleasing the boss. The typical Indian boss, who has competed himself for his boss’s favours in his time as a subordinate, enjoys it. With time, his subordinates convince him that he is super brilliant to the extent of being super natural. However, the boss has great problems with those among us who are intelligent, capable and thus self-respecting. Such people refuse to compete with their fawning counterparts. The boss gets angry. His logic is simple: If others fawn before me, why does this “arrogant” fellow not do the same. What does he think of himself? I must destroy him to encourage my worshippers.

The best 'chamcha' is promoted and he becomes boss of his colleagues and the cycle continues. So, what do we have now? An inversion of mental capacity with the completely demotivated, intelligent, capable and thus self-respecting people reporting to a person with compromised mental faculties. Can brains blossom when you have an ever-criticizing lower IQ boss sitting above seeking worship?

Most developed countries have done away with this self-demeaning form of address which stinks of inequality. The Indian boss insists on being addressed as 'Sir' and this compounds the problem. Let us have a closer look at this word.

Wikipedia informs that the word 'Sir' is derived from the honorific title 'sire', used in Spanish, Italian, French, German, and Swedish. 'Sire' developed alongside the word 'seigneur', also used to refer to a feudal lord. The word 'Sir' is first documented in English in 1297, as title of honour of a knight, and latterly a baronet, being a variant of sire, which was already used in English since at least c.1205 as a title placed before a name and denoting knighthood, and to address the (male) Sovereign since c.1225, with additional general senses of 'father, male parent' is from c.1250, and 'important elderly man' from 1362.

In which of the above categories does a typical Indian boss fit? Why is this self-insulting form of address used in India? As a mark of respect for whom? A knight? A Baronet? A (male) Sovereign? A male parent? An important elderly man? Why can’t we simply follow the more developed nations and ban this dirty word? If we promote inequality how can we expect the person below to be participative? He will withdraw in his shell, go into “compliance mode” and obey orders.

Resorting to an analogy to explain my point, companies spend millions to recruit the best brains through nation-wide competitions. These 'peacocks' with brilliant feathers are put in pigeon coops where the pigeons pluck out every feather and make a pigeon out of the peacock. All brilliance is lost and the peacock spends its life cleaning pigeon droppings in 'compliance mode'. If the peacock goes to a developed country it is appreciated, fed well and kept with great care. It radiates its beauty and the country becomes more beautiful.

India loses all its intelligent, innovative brains to other countries. They make those countries great by working in 'ownership mode' in an appreciative environment. Let us clean our cesspool and make India great.