Lalu and Owaisi are the one among many who have same language, same brand of venom, same quality of shamelessness and selfishness, same type of irresponsible attitude and above all same class of divisive politics - one takes the social castes system to ride and the other leans on religion to further his political ambition.

Both of these bedbugs are the Congress parasites. For Lalu, the Congress came to its senses – thanks to Rahul - at last, but it was too late for them to plug the holes brought about by Lalu to their already tattered boat and finally, Lalu got the Congress reduced to a shame with less than 10% of MPs in parliament. Lalu’s venom got its toll.

In the realm of present affairs in Bihar, Lalu is, in all analysis, far more harmful than Owaisi for the simple reason that Owaisi is still on the threshold of inducing his religious fanaticism in masses in Bihar. On the other hand, the former has a deeper penetration as an individual and also as a social and political outfits (yes, outfit, considering their modus operandi of politics) in Bihar’s caste ridden society than the later. Banking apparently on Muslim votes by glibly taking development slogan to woo the people, is political compulsion for Owaisi. He also carries a stigma by some to be a game spoiler at the BJP’s behest and that appears close to the truth as he is basically a stranger in Seemanchal though he may, in his fool’s paradise, think of a likely victory merely fuelling religious sentiments. His appearance in Bihar is a guest appearance who will desire to be forgotten after his role is over as spoiler.

And for Lalu, now is the turn of Nitish to be shown to the dust.

As a master craftsman of political maneuvering in Bihar, he knew that his chances would be limited if he is alone, for not only his ill-famed rule in Bihar is at his tale but also because he being a convict, his prospects are limited in politics legally. Initially, he tried to follow the footsteps of Mulayam by promoting his kith and kin but his brothers-in-law kicked his butt so hard that he landed in the lap of his semi-literate better half to survive. His children are yet to prove their mettle. Therefore, Nitish was a natural choice he could coin with. He has nothing precious to lose with Nitish.

However, having fallen apart from BJP, Nitish was also in a fix as his sole political plank of good governance and development was being grabbed by the BJP and his selection of Manjhi as CM proved fatal for him. It would have been better had he gone alone and lost but losing with Lalu, if it so happens, will be a total loss for Nitish.

This is not for the first time that Lalu is trying to reap fruits nurtured by Nitish, if at all, it helps, but he did the same thing when he became Railway Minister by kicking Ram Vilas aside. Lalu was eyeing all the reforms that Nitish had brought in Indian Railway and as soon as that began bearing fruits, he got a chance to jump for them. He became management guru by claiming to have turned Railway into a profit making PSU for the first time in independent India. The similar situation prevails now and in all likelihood, he will try to kick Nitish off after creaming him out in the ensuing election. Will it be a doom for Nitish now?

His ‘good governance and development’ is being replaced by radical caste politics championed by Lalu. In this, Lalu is smudging all that Nitish was depending on by highlighting prominently his own nefarious caste slogan. As a result, Nitish is certainly to lose his forward caste votes, which, wily-nilly, were in his favor particularly for bringing improvement in law and order situation in the state contrasting Lalu’s misrule. As for backward votes, they are less likely to rally behind Lalu and a handful of young votes might sway into his favour.

Besides these contrast in them, there are similarity too. Both have come together as both don’t want educated people around themselves - example is Nitish’s choice of Manjhi as the Chief Minister of Bihar as his successor and Lalu’s choice of Rabri. However, Lalu’s game was safer than Nitish and he proved superiority of his sagacity over Nitish even now.

In the present scenario in Bihar, he has nothing to lose. He is fighting for his survival mounting on Nitish’s shoulder. As natural advantage, he would survive by jumping off while Nitish may sink under his unholy weight. Given a chance, he may opt even for BJP but Nitish is nowhere to go. Nitish might have a thought that Manjhi would be a lame duck but that Musa (rat) eater transformed into a lion at the first sight of healthy meat in CM’s office. His Bhasmasur-like action must have made Nitish realize his blunder, but the arrow may come back someday after it is shot but the action cannot be undone once it forms the part of history and even Shiva found hard to save himself. It is said that the blame for death of a crab passes on to his offspring. Both of these social justice champions or more appropriately caste devils, have drawn their swords and it is just the matter of days that we will know who is the greater evil.

However, there is one thing certain that the era of chaos, confusion and anarchy is sure to revive no matter whoever wins the ensuing election. As morning shows the day, the future state of affairs can easily be predicted observing the election campaign now. The fierce personal rivalry is at play in the name of political ethics. It is more than evident that any party would gain the majority and when leaders like Manjhi, Ram Vilas, and Lalu etc. are in the fray the stability of the new government can never be ensured. Consequently, theses leaders may be good gainers as the instability will open more space for bargain but the biggest loser will be Bihar. However, that has been the fait accompli in past decades before Nitish took over as CM with support from BJP.

For long, a piece of thought has occupied back of my head. Was it a sinister design of the neo-ruling class of free India to weaken the culturally and economically powerful states like Bihar and UP as these populous states getting more prosperous would pose considerable threat to the rest of the country?

First, the educational system was gradually destroyed. On the plea of promoting social justice, the educational institutions were turned into windows for degrees and certificates production for anyone who can pay for them. Initially the teachers resisted against this deterioration but gradually gave way to all sort of unscrupulous activities. Such has been the state of affairs that a premier institution like Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital faces threat of de-recognition for want of basic medical infrastructure. Later, the products of this system occupied all-important places from government offices to schools and colleges. Lalu is one such product of the system who claims to be a postgraduate (as I have heard) and I leave it up to you to judge him by his public conduct his real educational level. Yet, I am sure he must be peeved on realizing the fact that though he managed to make his daughter an MBBS when he reigned but could not make his son to move beyond Class IX because, probably by then, the system has began regaining shape or he had lost the clout.

Bihar was once considered the rice bowl of this country. It was systematically neglected because it was believed that this area was under the thumb of forward casts only. Farming and cattle rearing became a loss-making venture. Little did they realize that this is a national loss that will eat into the overall progress of this country. Much talked about land reforms never saw the light of the day. I heard once that one of the Revenue Secretaries of Bihar Government remarked that the government has no record of whatsoever of its geographical area for agriculture much like the Government of India before 1962 Chinese aggression did not know its boundary in North East Frontier Agency (NEFA) and Ladakh physically.