I distributed solar lamps in memory of Papa (Thakur Hareshwar Dayal Sinha alias Bhaiyajee) at the high school in my native village Narsinghpur Pathra in Jharkhand. It was a great learning experience and a source of great satisfaction. I got to learn many things about the constraints under which the village school works. I am feeling truly blessed.

I was very impressed that half of the students in class IX & X were girls. Almost 20% of the girl students were Muslims, which is remarkably higher than the average Muslim population in the area.

I am sharing a set of short video clips from the function.





Solar lamp distribution in Jharkhand.

Let me share why I am talking about this initiative. I have following objectives:

1. Share my learning with others so that others do it in their villages. It is a project which can be done with 10 lamps. So at 650 Rs each, one can do a function with Rs 6500.

It will be great if you start with your own village and select the poorest of the poor. The impact of this light is multi fold, two prominent being a saving of 2 to 3 Rs per day for the family on kerosene and freedom from the toxic fumes of kerosene.

I am delighted to share that around 20 people in my circle have shown an interest to do this and 4 are drawing a concrete plan.

2. I want to get connected to professors in social research who can do an impact study on these families after 3 months. Any help to get connected to such prof will be highly appreciated.

3. Finally, I want to achieve an ambitious scale in such distribution. It will be premature to talk of a figure, but it should be a large number, say 1 lakh lamps in due course. For this, I will be starting a trust fund where people who want to contribute but don't have village connect can contribute. Any help to connect with corporates having this kind of CSR will be highly useful for the cause.

Look forward to listening from you.


T. V. Sinha, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com

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