"All the accused were born and brought up in Mumbai": Mumbai Police Commussioner

When one of the criminals in Nirbhaya case happened to be born in Bihar, media went in overdrive publicizing Bihar all over. Not a mention of the origin of the others, nor even that the so called Bihari had moved to Delhi at a young impressionable age. It put into jeopardy the safety and livelihood of lakhs of poor Biharis working in different parts of the country. I would keenly watch how the National media handles this one.

Point is, a criminal is a criminal. My protest is at half truths used to denigrate Bihar. And this isnt a ethnocentric protest for ego purposes but for the very practical reason of the threat it poses to the life and limb and livelihood of the most vulnerable section of the society working outside their state.

Let me emphasize, it does not affect the legions of Bihari bureaucrats outside the state. Nor does it affect an Engineer MBA like me. Nor the PO's and AAO's working in financial institutions. But it poses grave threat to the thela-walas and construction laborers, the drivers and chauffeurs, the doodh-walas and the delivery boys, all those engaged in low paid jobs. And Bihari does not mean only those who come from the political entity called Bihar. It includes all those engaged in low paid work from Bihar, Jharkhand (who have a historical right to the name), Eastern UP, Chattisgarh, and increasingly West Bengal and Orissa.



T. V. Sinha, Guest Contributor, PatnaDaily.Com

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