In a major setback to the Modi administration and the fans of Narendra Modi worldwide, 22-year-old Disha Ravi, dubbed as ‘domestic terrorist’ by her political enemies, was granted bail by a Delhi court on Tuesday that, according to some BJP supporters on the social media, could spell disaster for the nation.

If you are in power and you don’t abuse your power, what’s the point of being in politics?

The Congress Party which is part of the ragtag coalition government with Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, on Thursday flexed its muscles against some Bollywood bigwigs saying if they did not speak up against the Modi government on the rising fuel prices, they would be stopped from shooting any film in the state.

Chipping away one personal freedom after another in the name of religion, culture, and safety of the people, Uttar Pradesh government run by Yogi Adityanath has announced the hiring of an IT company, allegedly a South Korean entity, to monitor web activities of individuals who turn to Google search engine to find pornographic materials or who send sexual text messages to another individual.

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