Chipping away one personal freedom after another in the name of religion, culture, and safety of the people, Uttar Pradesh government run by Yogi Adityanath has announced the hiring of an IT company, allegedly a South Korean entity, to monitor web activities of individuals who turn to Google search engine to find pornographic materials or who send sexual text messages to another individual.

A company named Oomuph has been roped in by the UP government to monitor people using Google search engine that will alert the police if anyone is found searching for porn-related materials, Additional Director General Neera Rawat said adding the mechanism has been installed in the state to curb crime like rape or sexual harassment against women.

Operating under the so-called ‘UP Powerline 1090’, Oomuph will monitor everyone’s web activities on computers and smart phones and anyone who is found searching for porn, their number and other relevant information will be sent to the UP police which, in turn, will send an ‘awareness message’ to the person and warn him/her of possible arrest or some other form of criminal action.

The information will be stored in the police database that will be used in solving crimes like rape or sexual assault, Rawat said.

“If the person receiving the message from the police is still found to be engaging in rape or molestation, action under UP Powerline 1090 will be taken against this individual,” she said.

Incidentally, a Google search for any company named Oomuph drew a complete blank.