With the price of petrol crossing the Rs. 100 mark in India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday blamed the past Congress government for the sudden spike blaming it for not reducing India’s dependence from energy export.

“If the past governments had focused on reducing India’s dependence on energy import, we wouldn’t be in this situation today,” said the Prime Minister.

Speaking while inaugurating a gas project in Tamil Nadu, Mr. Modi said that he did not want to pass the blame on anyone but “if we had focused on this issue earlier, our middle-class would not have been burdened this much”.

Incidentally, Tamil Nadu, currently being ruled by the AIADMK party, like West Bengal, is scheduled to hold its state elections this year.

Blaming the past governments for all the current economic, social, and other ills of the nation and the state has become the hallmark of both Modi government at the center and Nitish government in Bihar despite both being out of power for quite some time.