At least one Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader is being honest about the beard of Narendra Modi when he admitted that the latest look of India’s most fashionable Prime Minister is meant to influence the voters of West Bengal where it is gearing up to take out the incumbent Mamata Banerjee government and replace it with a BJP government - a first for the saffron party if it happens.

When asked by a reporter in Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh about Modi’s ‘Tagorian’ look, state Rural Development Minister Rajendra Prasad Singh, also known as ‘Moti Babu’ in the region, without hesitation, said the beard and long hair was adopted by the Prime Minister to influence the voters in West Bengal where people held Bengali poet, writer, philosopher, and Nobel Literature winner Rabindra Nath Tagore in very high esteem.

“Modi ji is beginning to appear in the shape and shadow (काया और छाया) of Rabindra Nath Tagore in West Bengal,” Singh said unhesitatingly.

When asked if he expected widespread violence during the West Bengal elections, Singh said that West Bengal elections had a long history of violence but the BJP was a party of non-violence.

“We believe in non-violence because we are the party of Ajatshatru and our Prime Minister is Ajatshatru,”he said referring to the 5th century Magadh king who snatched the kingdom away from his father Bimbisar and then imprisoned him.

The Prime Minister’s beard and long hair had been a matter of much discussion, and ridicule, on the social media since he decided to adopt the new look during the COVID-19 lockdown choosing to present himself as a saint and a sadhu.

While his supporters attribute this new look to Modi’s ‘austere and pious’ mind bursting with his desire to serve the humanity hence the natural graduation towards the sainthood; others have called it yet-another move by a shrewd politician to fool the voters in West Bengal where the Modi-Shah team is leaving no stone unturned in their goal to get rid of Mamata Banerjee and install its own government.

The Election Commission today announced the dates of elections at 294 seats in West Bengal with voters going to polls in a record eight phases to be held on March 27, April 1, April 6, April 10, April 17, April 22, April 26 and April 29.

Election results will be announced on May 2.