Patna: Dozens of supporters of former MP Pappu Yadav organized a protest rally at the party’s office in Patna on Thursday demanding his release from the jail stating the one man who was actively helping poor fight coronavirus was arrested and imprisoned by leaders who were hiding in their homes when people were dying in the lack of oxygen and other medical care.

Nearly naked and their heads shaven, Yadav’s supporters demanded immediate release of the Jan Adhikar Party (JAP) and better living condition for their leader during his entire incarceration time at Patna’s Beur Jail.

“Pappu Yadav was the only leader who, ignoring his own safety, was out there day in and day out helping poor people get oxygen tanks and find ambulances and hospital beds for people affected by COVID-19 virus. Risking his own life, he was responsible for saving many people but instead of acknowledging his work and personal sacrifices, this government arrested him and threw him in jail where he continues to languish under the worst imaginable condition,” said Shobhit Sinha, a member of the youth wing of the JAP.

The protestors accused Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for indulging in the politics of personal vendetta saying Pappu Yadav had exposed an MP from Bihar as an ‘Ambulance Chor’ after the MP was found with dozens of improperly seized ambulances in his backyard.

“The entire case against Pappu Yadav, the messiah of the poor, is based on fabrications and lies and we demand immediate release of him. If something happens to him in the prison, we will hold Nitish Kumar personally responsible for it,” they said.