Obesity is becoming a big health issue for countries like India despite the fact that millions of people are sleeping hungry at night; millions of infants are grossly under-nourished and under-weight. According to a recent health report, third highest number of obese and overweight people lives in India. 11% adolescent and 20% adults are suffering from obesity. Women are double in number than men in our country on this count.

After living in Bihar for more than two decades, tea runs in my arteries and veins just like blood. Tea rules over my mind and heart like every other being in Bihar. I never thought, even in my dreams, that any other drink can dethrone this "Queen of Beverages" from my heart ever!

Various studies have shown conclusively that physical inactivity leads to many health problems. The sedentary lifestyle of growing number of people of all strata of society including large number of white collar employees across industries and businesses is a serious cause of concern. The so-called modern lifestyle actually makes the life of several million Indians devoid of even minimum amount of physical activity absolutely necessary to keep this unique machine called human body going. The growing dependence on technology in some way or the other has also been contributing its share to make a crippling effect on the lives of large population of our youth.

Generally speaking, the young professionals, whether they are in jobs or managing their own business or industry, are experiencing lots of stress day in and day out in varying degrees across the globe. Undoubtedly, the competition is huge and cut–throat. Consequently, they often get tired and indisposed too rather more frequently, which badly affect their self-confidence, general health/well-being and productivity at their work place. It also impacts their family life adversely.

The importance of salt in our day-to-day life can’t be over emphasised. Salt has been the defining item to make a large number of our eatables tastier besides being a requirement for our body as it contains sodium.

Examination season is very much on in our country and so is the final preparation by several million students. In this age of cut-throat competition for securing better grades or marks even in final school examinations due to various factors including high expectation of parents from their children, the students in general pass through higher stress level during this period.

Undeniably, every living being including the human being needs food to eat and survive. We also know that except human beings all other living creatures on this earth are in need of limited variety of eatables. We, in fact, can’t live without a large variety of food items, more for satisfying our tongue than for survival and for maintaining a better health.

From the very childhood, our parents, guardians, elders and teachers have been telling us that if you do the right thing right away, you would develop yourself well and you get success in all your endeavors in a big way, sooner or later. They have also been trying to impress that there is no short cut to success. Only consistent hard work with proper knowledge, planning, dedication and commitment will guarantee progress, success and happiness in life.

This Sunday, billions of people are going to participate to practice and thereby celebrate the first World Yoga Day. In this age of modern medical science, this day symbolises the acceptance and accessibility of Yoga, basically a science- science of integrating body, mind and soul, which is centuries old and has deep roots in ancient Indian culture.

Committing mistakes or even blunder is not abnormal in human life. It's not unusual to realize the same and then repent for the wrongdoings either. It also happens many a times that we take a lesson from the whole thing and also take a firm resolve not to repeat the same mistake again in future, to finally move forward in the course of life's journey with a positive note.