Success means achieving or getting what one cherishes. Success, as the achievement of one’s goal, is not a matter of good luck or chance attainment. Also, effortless success is insipid and hardly provides any psychological thrill. Real success is what one earns by dint of honest and hard work. Only in hard earned success one finds a sense of contentment, fulfillment, gains confidence and enhances personality.

Is there any sure way to success? The answer is no; no, because there is no magic or set formula for getting it. It also can’t be taught. One cannot get it by including in airy imagination or beautiful day- dreaming. This sounds very strange and contradictory. Patience: no need to get alarmed. Recover the confidence and grasp the truth that its achievement is symbolized by concentration, keen desire, hard work and the desire to work systematically. It involves the whole range of human experience to have it in the true sense of the term.

"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul". Success begins with a fellow’s will and sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can. An individual translates into physical reality, the thoughts and attitudes which he holds in the mind, no matter what they are.

To think a thing impossible is to make it so. In truth, courage is victory and timidity is defeat, confidence guarantees success and diffidence spells disaster. It is often darkest just before day and an optimist awaits confidently for the daylight to break. Often a little more persistence, courage and aim enable success to drawn over failure’s cloudy rim. Since thoughts control your actions and attitudes determine your ultimate success, you should learn to guide your thoughts in a positive manner.

Question is “where you stand and in what direction your thoughts flow”. To view anything and everything with hope, confidence and optimism & thought in a positive manner, Success comes to you automatically.

The three-rung ladder to success, 1: Concentration, 2: Self-training, 3: Institutional Training.

First, Concentration means full- absorption or all-inclusive attention in a task. It implies the elimination of all extraneous elements working in the mind at the time of thinking or performance of the task. The big question is- can it be learnt? The mind of an ordinary man is always a whirlpool of uncontrolled images. Learn to control them. Nervousness, heaviness of any kind- physical, moral and mental, is an impediment in the way of concentration.

Second, self- training by self- study once and acquire knowledge. Discover the ability to achieve the ambition. Make an assessment of strong and weak points.

Third, Institutional training, which help in developing, understanding for your personality so as to make it really magnetic and providing the required knowledge and operational skill, will complete the process of success.

Summing up, the sure way to success is in strong desire, keen interest, full concentration and self- study. I Know “No one is going to hand me success. I must go out and get it myself”.

 Preeti Kumari

Research Scholar

Dept of Biotechnology

A. N. College, Patna