Fundamental Duties were added by 42nd Amendment to the Constitution of India and it consists of only one Article - 51-A. It is basically a moral and civic duty on every citizen of the country. Fundamental Duties were recommended by Swaran Singh Committee which were constituted by Indira Gandhi.

Most of my clique comprises of women in the prime years. This is the time when our creative energies are at its peak and the forces of life strongest. Many of us are busy homemakers and while others are busy juggling home and work. While we lead diverse lives there is a commonality that I have observed, all of us feel meaningless and redundant at a certain point. What is it that makes us feel so?

Human being’ and the rights guaranteed to him are the most important thing in this world. The benefit of presumption of innocence of the accused person till the time he is actually found guilty at the ending of a trial, is one of the basic tenets of our legal system. The norms of criminal law is that “if a thousand people may get acquitted, one innocent person should not be punished”. An unlawful arrest of an individual can be a violation of Article 21 of Constitution of India.

The act of frequent hand-washing is supposed to ward off the virus of COVID-19 pandemic. They say the rubbing of hands with sanitizers further minimises the strength of the virus to infect. Naturally, then, the people have started nurturing those habits following the Govt's order or the doctors' advice throughout the world.