The rise and rise of MNS unruly activities is a thing of concern. Some of the news reporting:

1. MNS targets I-T exam centre (Times of India, page 2, 11th. August 2008, Mumbai). IT exams cannot be conducted because there is not sufficient Marathi representative.

I do not know which engineering school Nitish Kumar went to and what degree he received, but it is amazing to know that he feels that development implies construction and construction implies engineers. Therefore, according to him, everything in Bihar would be fine if he inducted hundreds of engineers.

I lived in Patna for one month, April 2008, to work in the village of Katauna. It is interesting that Sushil Kumar Modi is setting up some technical schools in Bihar which is very good for the young people who have an education. But I found the educational opportunities in the villages to be non-existent. So again, the village people will remain enslaved to the land and without education, they will never learn to farm the land in a productive way.

When I read that 8 passengers were crushed by a train at Danapur Station, I went through quite a few emotions. Rarely does one news story evoke so many mixed emotions in such a short time.

While there could be differences on nuclear deal, I am sure there would have been no opposition to a peace deal. I wish India had taken the lead in having a Ministry of Peace, a body to look into national and international policies on Peace.

Going by the various presentations hosted by the industries department on its website and statements made by the honorable chief minister from time to time, one would have expected a proposal for Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) being made by the state government to union chemical & fertilizer ministry.

Finally Patna is going to have an IIT, an institution of international repute and a dream of all enlightened Biharis. The institute is at present starting without its own infrastructure. I will request the Govt of Bihar and the people of Bihar to take upon themselves not to let these IIT'ans feel good compared to other institutes by providing them special privileges.

For the first time the Nitish government has done the right thing by placing a clean, dedicated and honest person of integrity, an IPS officer as the DGP of the state. Though the crime is currently low, the DGP would reveal that some white-collared people are regulating all the crimes in the state. I will appreciate if Nitish will give free hand to this officer to act.

In many of my write-ups on IIT, I raised the issue of the damage that the coaching mills sprouted all over the country, are causing. I was happy to know that the director and the dean of IIT- Madras have similar views.