Frankly speaking, I did not have a very good feeling about Nitish Kumar's government till now particularly when it is being supported by BJP which is termed as a communal party.

Is there anyone to take care of law in Bihar?

I don’t see this government acting/dealing differently with those who take laws in their hands. What has happened at the PMCH is not only disgraceful, shameful but is a black day for Bihar. It has proved once again that the so-called educated and technocrats have destroyed the image of Bihar, not the poor and innocent people who struggle to get two times meals for themselves.

Bihar has been the birth place of some of the most legendary statesmen whose dauntless determination and utmost integrity made them the architects of modern India and Bihar respectively. In fact even today, Bihar continue to reap the fruits that are a cumulative result of the vision and effort of those great sagacious administrators who changed the destiny of our nation and our state and touched the lives of millions. Among those eminent luminaries was Dr. Anugrah Narayan Sinha.

I have a suggestion for the Bihar Government.

I teach in Delhi University and each year we have students from Bihar. They are outstanding, amazingly bright, simple, honest and hardworking. They excell in every field but they do not want to go back to Bihar.

Eastern region of India is undoubtedly having the most promising economic potential for any region of the India. This region is not only having the monopoly in mineral resources but also is the biggest hub of metal industry, power generation industry in India.

I lived and studied in more than one places in India and abroad, and that included Bihar. I call myself Bihari, and so do my friends from other states. I don't agree with what Thackerays have to say - they are just like frogs in a well, can't see beyond their small dark world. These guys have reasons to say things to make themselves known outside their well. They have also shown that they have no knowledge about the rich history of Bihar.

CM Sir! I know you had and have a tough job in hand. Some of the actions are certainly changing the perception of the outsiders about Bihar. However, Bihar requires some fast track action plans that can make as quick an impact in development as you claim to have achieved in law and order situation in the state. Media have less news about kidnappings. Many of the political parties backed dons are behind the bars and have been convicted too.

Would someone please tell me who died in India and made the Thackerays the rulers of Maharashtra? As far as I am concerned, people like them or those who support them, can go to hell for all I care! Mumbai or Bihar kisi ke baap ka property nahin hai and someone needs to hammer this concept into their heads with a 200-pound sledgehammer.