History proves that India went into the hands of foreigners because the Indians never thought of themselves as one Nation. But, let me remind the people who have forgotten that there were people at that time who joined hands from all parts of India; be it East, West, North or South to fight for the Independence of their one and only Nation - India.

This comment of mine not exactly related to Chhath but what happened beyond that.

I completely disagree with "Thackeray" (Raj and Bal) comments. They are no less than Pakistani terrorist, they should be hanged for making anti national remarks.

I considered Bal Thackeray as divisive as Jinnah. However, I had a hope that the new generation will shift to more important national issues instead of sticking to regionalism. Even the highest seat of judiciary smells Raj’s statements and actions as divisive and unacceptable for the nation.

Mr. P Chidambaram has presented his last budget for the present Lok-Sabha. Yet again he has played a trick upon the masses of the state. This budget can at best be termed as self-serving to Congress Party interest in its stronghold of Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu.

A belated Happy Valentine's Day to all.

To love is to care for the happiness of the beloved and not one's own. Somehow, around this year's Valentine's day, watching Jodhaa Akbar reminded me of this saying.

Here is my attempt to review this movie.

After facing so much criticism and insult all around the country, we the people of Bihar should start building our own commercial centers across Bihar. Places like Patna, Gaya, Muzaffarpur and Bhagalpur has potential to grow by specializing in industrial, tourist, agricultural and silk sectors respectively.

Media organized many debates on its channels. People in general were critical of Raj Thackeray and also his cousin now. But many raised a question, why should the CMs of the states not create jobs for their men? With employment being acute in all states, the people of Bihar and UP will no more be welcome in the other states where they used to migrate for livelihood.

India, the largest democratic country in the world is replete with human rights violation. Every year, several people send behind the bar for political reasons. Torture and brutality are prevalent, common men are the major sufferer. Besides this custodial deaths are growing gradually. Violation of human rights was widespread even in the ancient age. It changes its face according to the situation of the society.

Throughout the history the strong or the populous have imposed upon the weak or the less populous. It requires a lot of rationality to not impose our so called superiority on to who we see as inferior or weak. Some actions are done as individuals - bullies in school, husband ill treating wife, well to do shortchanging workers like rickshaw pullers, plumbers etc.