The recent cases of mob lynching in Bihar is not a regional affair anymore. It has turned out to be a concern to the peace and security of the state.

The history of Bihar has always been a glorious and stressed at the same time. At one side, the government released a commemorative postage stamp on Rajkumar Shukla, but on the other hand, a person is being killed by mob on the suspicion of cattle theft. No one knows whether he was really there to steal the cattle or for some other reason but the mob has declared its own justice by killing him recklessly.

The Ramifications to be Faced

No doubt, the path of brutality and insecurity chosen by the people, will lead to a dangerous future for Bihar. Such cases have already been seen from other states in recent past, but those states may not seem to be much adversely affected by them for, there credibility is still better at the national platform.

Even though the condition of Bihar has been observed to be improving in recent phases, such cases can bring it back to its old image at the national level. Besides, there are still a number of issues before the state like employment, education etc. to be tackled soon. But such incidents of mob lynching and brutal beating may turn out to be distractions in the path.

The environment of stress and rage spread between the villages are warning bells for the government to tighten security in rural areas. The viral video which shows the man begging for mercy is an evidence making fun of the law structure of the state. Therefore, it is the high time for the state and the citizens to work in harmony to help themselves come out of such situations. Bihar has just stepped the path of success in a number of fields and it has to continue it until it makes its name at the national platform.

The Way Forward

There are exceptions in Bihar too, and they need to be recognised by the country. If a state has the potential then it is also the duty of its citizens to explore it. But now, the priority of the government should probably change. The establishment of police outpost at the centre of three or four nearby villages is necessary.

Besides, for long term solution, it is essential for the state to run some awareness programme in the rural areas. If it finds necessary, it should also consult the centre for help. In fact, the centre ought to interfere in such cases because these are no more restricted to one state but are being seen from a large part of the nation.

In a nutshell, mob lynching is a matter of national concern as it seems from the cases in the recent past.