Raj Thackeray’s statement on holy festival “chhath” proves that he deserves a place in mental asylum and not in Indian politics. He calls himself a leader but sorry to say he is not even a true Indian citizen and I doubt even a single person will support his self-centered and politically motivated views.

Going deeper into this issue , I would like to seek Government’s intervention in this as to make sure that people are living as per the rights given by Indian constitution. Indian constitution gives every citizen a right to perform his religious activity anywhere in the country and nobody should intervene in that. Maharashtra is a part of India and it has not got any special privilege like Jammu & Kashmir. It is strongly objectionable if somebody tries to make rules for living in a particular state. They are not entitled to do that. I may live in Patna, I may live in Mumbai and I expect the government (Central and State both) to make sure that I live in a safe and secure environment. If they can’t provide security to their citizen they have no right to rule the country. They shouldn’t remain sited as an authority.

There might be a different view. Some may feel that they need a separate ruling for their own state. In that case I challenge them to demand for a separate country as you can’t have different rules for different states. You can enjoy all the privileges in your own country and you can make rules as you want. Apart from dreaming for all these facilities, be ready to face the subsequences of demanding a separate country. I firmly believe that these “chhutbhaiya” leaders will never demand such thing as they know their capability. They know that they can give some statements for gaining some media attention but in long run they don’t have any vision, they don’t have any agenda. They are just looking for some short term benefits through their shameless statements.

When M. F. Hussain assaulted sentiments of Hindus he was attacked, publicly beaten and now he can’t live in India. It happened with so many other people. Those who don’t show respect for others don’t deserve any respect / courtesy . I know there are some defamation cases pending against Mr. Thackeray but that’s not enough to shut his mouth. I know, nobody will notice his absurd statements but still I believe there should be proper action against his remarks. He can’t keep on talking like this. He doesn’t have any right to keep insulting others faith.

I expect a show cause notice from Government of India about asking him as why he shouldn’t be arrested in the charge of disturbing regional harmony in India. I would like to urge all concerned people to take note of this. We Indians firmly obey the rule of patience / non-violence but there are certain people who might go “Netaji’s (Subhash Chandra Bose) way” and in that case the government will be responsible.