I got the news about sacking of Patna University VC, Dr Y C Simadri.

This is once again a serious crisis. The reason for sacking is just because he left France without informing the government. This could have been sorted out by giving a show-cause notice to the VC and a meeting between the VC and the government but sacking/removal of the VC has once again put a question mark; was it necessary? Why politics in education?

In my view, Dr Y C Simadri did laudable work in streamlining sessions, started some professional courses. Popularity of Patna university was gaining momentum. Teachers were taking classes and serious students were happy. Guardians and parents were also happy as their children passing out on time and educational environment was returning to the colleges.

But in Bihar those who wants to do something have to pay heavy price. It seems elite educational circle of Bihar has also become corrupt; they don't want any change in the system.

Personally I do feel that people in Bihar should cooperate if any person is doing something good, Politics in education should be stopped.


As I know, the rule in all government sectors for officials is that to take a clearance from the government before leaving the country. Even if you leave the city you must have to give a prior intimation to the organisation. Once people like VC, Director, and chief of the governing body breaks the rule, how do you expect others to obey the rules? - Dr. Manis Kumar Jha, Invited Scientist, South Korea - Jan. 24, 2008
This is really unfortunate as I know well that YC Simhadri has done tremendous job in PU and in fact just due to him PU was getting back on the track. This caused faculties and politicians getting into unrest because they did not like this dynamism of Patna University and professionalism as they had become lazy idiots for long time. PatnaDaily had published photographs of people celebrating his dismissal. Just take a look on their faces and tell me truly that if any one of them even looked like a student or even eligible for the post of peon. But those were the future leaders of Bihar politics, like mosquito larva breeding in the stagnant water!

Just like worms of dirty world they behaved and politicized everything. When such unfortunate things can happen to such premiere institution where sycophancy, politics, inefficiency and corruption are the eligibility criterion to become member, honest and performing faculties and teachers will be humiliated. These are the people and there kind due to which Bihar is being destroyed everyday.

These selfish people never think and bother for the generation, children and future and the mess in which we all are today with Bihar, is just due to this generation and such people who gift only such unfortunate things to the coming and present generation, with no sense of responsibilities.

These are the people who are behind such big outflow of students, children and workforce in the search of basic education and employment. Such people should be thrown out of system and beaten naked in the mid of Patna. Even after so much loss and backwardness they are drunken and misadventuring with future of thousands of students and society which hopes that someday again Bihar would be respected. But such incidences will work like very strong signal to deter the honest and capable leaders and people to take Bihar still seriously and do anything for it.

YC Simhadri is the man who changed the face of BHU and he was exactly doing the same for Patna university. His visionary steps were laudable and within no time he changed many things in PU which was disliked by these dishonest faculty lobbies who had now to work instead of freely taking up salary at the end of month. He streamlined the session and made it regular .... and for this all and such person ..award of this kind has been given by this unfortunate state.. and our CM is sleeping everywhere and emerges only when damage is already done! Mr. Nitish Kumar has no control left otherwise such unfortunate things would never never would have happened. A firm protest by progressive faculties and students against this move is very much needed. Let the education minister, politicians and lobbyists understand that Bihar really want to develop and education is not a kept of politicians! This all has given very bad impression of Nitish Kumar and his ministers who have emerged as a political jokers with no sense of responsibility towards state which needs strong handling and administration and respect for people like Dr. Simhadri instead of sycophants and politicians raping the already dead society and civilization of the State of Bihar!

Now I strongly feel that there is no bad when we find "Bihari" term as an abuse when we go outside Bihar. Thanks to such people, such politicians and such dead society. Who will respect such thankless people who have no vision for future and their own people and children good being and those who still want to pass life as backward parasites of stagnant stinking system?

May God Save Bihar! - Dr. Ravi Shankar - Jan. 24, 2008


Sacking of Mr. YC Simhadri is really disappointing news to the people who are looking for improvement in education in Bihar. This also shows Nitish government's weakness towards bringing the education system back to track. They are used to sycophancy and could not digest an honest man making commendable progress in Patna University. God Bless Bihar. - Sujay Roy - Jan. 25, 2008