I left India 10 years ago and I often feel that my Hindi is not as good as it used to be and I do feel sorry for not being able to enjoy books and articles written in Hindi.

However, reading this article in your paper about PU VC resigning and seeing the poster that students were carrying I felt much better. Are they really student and in university to study? Can't believe that coming from a Hindi speaking state they are writing on poster "Loktantra ka jeet hua", it should be "Loktantra ki Jeet Hui". God save Bihar and its glorious institutions.


I totally agree with Mr. Kumar about the students' lack of interest in studies and their remarkable ability to follow their so-called, equally-uneducated, leaders like blind sheep.

I do, however, feel somewhat compelled to comment on Mr. Kumar's statement that after 10 years out of the country, he has trouble with his Hindi or his inability to enjoy books and articles written in Hindi.

I have been out of country for close to 34 years now (after graduating from Patna Science College) and I still can read, write, speak and enjoy articles written in Hindi with equal ease. This, after living through the years (the '70s and the '80s) when there was no Internet and the phone calls to India through AT&T used to cost close to $3.00 per minute. For a student like me earning a minimum wage of $2.10 at the university library, back then a trip to India was possible only after a gap of 3-4 years. Yet somehow, Hindi throughout remained a vital part of our family. - Vinay Agrawal, USA - Jan. 24, 2008
It’s almost 10 years for me also, but I think these protests are not by the students but by the “would be politicians”. - Ratnesh Sahay -  Feb. 2, 2008