The higher education in Bihar has seen the worst. With some positive and concrete steps taken by Nitish Kumar government, things are looking up. Teachers are being paid on time, exams are being conducted as per the time table, classes are being held and financial position of the colleges and universities are better now.

But efforts are needed to improve students enrolment, filling up of the vacancies at college and university level, and above all updating the libraries and labs. We must have a very good infrastructure to generate the manpower that becomes employable. The syllabus needs to be updated and revised periodically, may be every five years.

For all this the government has to increase the budgetary spending on higher education. We have generally missed the IT boom and also the BPO boom. Hence we have missed the opportunity to employ thousands of youths lying unemployed in the state.

Biharis are the most hardworking and intelligent lots. They need to be encouraged to learn English, improve their computer skills and become nationally employable. Government would do well to sponsor qualified graduates to go abroad for research and higher studies. Government can ensure that banks give affordable loans to such students.

But before all this, lets start with equipping and updating the libraries in the colleges and Universities.


I fully agree with views of Dr. Kumar on the subject and would like to add the following:

1) Bihar government should focus equally on higher education and primary education complete with benchmark and time-bound projects.

2) Government and private players should pump in finance to establish quality higher education and research in technological and medical fields.

3) Bihar should have it parks and various types of industries which will ensure rapid, gainful and respectful employment to Biharis in Bihar itself. - B. M. Mishra - Jan. 7, 2008