Time to Act, Mr. Chief Minister,

It's been over a year that Prof. Papiya Ghosh murder case had hit the national headlines. There were claims by the State police within a month of the incident that the case had been solved. I had met this remarkable lady, and the thoughts of who could have murdered her and what could have been the motives, always bothered me.

But the reason I am writing to you, through the columns of PatnaDaily is not just to enquire about one individual, but it is intended to highlight the general impression that people still carry about Bihar and its administration. Has anything really changed? If it has taken over a year nab the perpetrators, I learnt that two main culprits are still at large, let alone bring them to justice, where is the more efficient and focused governance that you have promised us with? Bihar's biggest challenge today is to create the confidence in people, both at home and abroad, that it is a safe place where the laws of the land would prevail. But if such a high profile murder case of a lady academician in the very heart of Patna has not been solved in over an year, our confidence in Bihar will remain only a distant dream.