The heinous events of September 11, 2001 in the US are widely known as 9/11 in true American fashion of giving acronyms or short names. Fortunately, there has been no significant terrorist strike in the US after 9/11, demonstrating the strict vigilance and strong intelligence of US security agencies.

How this almost paranoid security apparatus has affected normal life in the US is another story (the most recent victim being a 13 year old boy carrying a toy gun – a senseless act by the security men - an irreparable loss to the family and the community).

Post 9/11, In Mumbai alone, there were the train blasts on 13th March 2003 and 11th July 2006 (7/11), coordinated blasts in crowded places on 25th August 2003 and 13th July 2011 (13/7) not to forget the attack carried out by Kasab & Co. on 26th November 2008 (26/11). There were a number of smaller blasts too which have since been forgotten like Ghatkopar and Gateway of India. In addition, there were major blasts in Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, and now in Patna (27/10).

The media in their sensationalism, assign numbers (dates) like 7/11, 13/7, 26/11 etc. to these terrorist attacks after 9/11 of the USA. There was only one 9/11 in the USA, but given the growing list of attacks in India, we will soon lose count of such dates with so many 11s and 7s already confusing a normal person trying to keep track of the news. Hence, it would be better if the media in general identify each attack by the exact date and place.