Sharad Yadav's speech can be seen as a damage control mechanism in maitaining the high diginity of the Parliamentary system of democracy of the country. His speech, in the Parliament on August 27, 2011 on Jan Lokpal Bill, was really very impressive, reflecting his honesty, knowledge about the functioning of a Parliamentary system.

His speech has shown full of resonsibility and maturity of a seasoned and experienced Parliamentarian.

Sharad Yadav, a politician from the Janata Dal (United) party, is currently a Member of the Parliament of India representing the Madhepura constituency of Bihar.

He was very successful in taking the whole members of Lok Sabha along with him. Many of his arguments were convicing. Therefore, in my opinion, he played a constructive role of a Political Teacher which might have help in arriving at some consenus on the three core issues of the Jan Lokpal Bill. In my opinion, he stole the show.

He was a little bit vocal and angry on the various comments and behaviour of some of the members of the Civil Society and others who have been supporting this andolan. He tried to give them some teachings and lessons on how to behave with the MPs.

 The two major parties namely the Congress and the BJP, by and large, have agreed to include (with some modifications) all the three core issues of Shri Anna Hazare in the proposed Jan Lokpal Bill. Other members of various other parties too seem to be in agreement with them. Therefore, it may be stated that the Indian Parliament has conveyed its good intentions, on Jan Lokpal Bill, as a token of regard to Shri Anna Hazare.

 Hence, Shri Anna Hazare now must break his indefinite hunger strike and reciprocate considering the feelings and concerns of his supporters and others for his good health.
 Hope by evening, there will be a happy news to all.