A perusal of all comments posits the mindset of the people and their myopic views on issues facing India. It also indicates the quality of educational environment in which they are groomed up. It also indicates their weirdness and that's why these days we have been labeled as violent thinkers and not critical-thinkers.

It is good to be enlightened and aware of the burning issues facing the country. But, we need to know a simple logic that we have to be disciplined. Development cannot take place unless we understand the root causes of the problems. Over 65 years, a particular system was laid down by the politicians and administrators in this country. The system embraced itself with corrupt practices and environment. Public has been used to the system and when they get faded then they look for alternative leadership like Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdeo etc.  If we know that demand for the public services is very high and its delivery is delayed in a corrupt environment and this process continues, naturally no one has a magic wand to eliminate it immediately. Control over the population growth like China has done. It has very low birth rate. Parivar Niyojan is the best strategy.  This will also solve the corruption and poverty issues of the country.

Take, for example, the case of railways. Baring a few instances, the system has been streamlined with the help of computerization. Therefore, identify such departments in the government which have direct dealings with the public and how the system can be changed or streamlined? Municipal corporations are one such department which need a complete overhauling in its functioning and service delivery.

BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) is such a department. BMC has an expenditure budget which is more than the budgets of many small states in India. However, corruption have been on rampant in this department. That's why many people state that BMC stands for

B= Business (it has a number of projects)

M= Money (more business, more money)

C= (corruption, where there is more money, there is bound to be corruption)

If there is more business, there will be more money, and if more money is generated, there will be corruption.

Since 1992, when Indian economy was deregulated and liberalized, India started generating a lot of wealth. This was a crucial period for the country when India was left only with $2-3 billion in its foreign exchange kit and we were begging for money from other countries and international institutions. With articulated economic policies pursued by Dr. Manmohan Singh (as a Finance Minister), we were able to bring India out of the wood. Indian economy started creating wealth and producing quality goods.

Obviously, when there is wealth, there will be misuse of this wealth because of our corrupt system. Prevention of corruption was not the priority of the government at that time rather to bring the economy on the right path of development was perhaps right the priority and strategy.

Now, India has been reporting a high rate of economic growth which has been helping the country in building infrastructure facilities, which will foster the growth further ( this is what China has been doing).  In the last 3-4 years, sudden the number of scams and kickbacks increased and that too of huge amounts and in high places. Media played a key role in exposing such corrupt practices of both the politicians and bureaucrats and now of big business houses.

Patience of the public broke out and the public started concluding that corruption has been the main cause for the slow economic development of India which is true to a large extent keeping other things in ceteris paribus. All people including politicians themselves have realized that a time has come to correct the things in right direction as many ministers, bureaucrats and corporate heads are sent behind the bar.

Civil society has a key role to play in correcting the things and it has a right to demand for setting the things right. A blending of measures including new laws, such as passing of Lokpal bill will greatly help in bringing a spring cleaning exercise into the system.  Lokpal bill could cover up the entire machinery of the administration set up right from clerks to Ministers. However, The President, Vice-President, Prime Minister and Chief Justice of Supreme Court should be out of the ambit of this bill. By including these positions in the bill, we in fact are distrusting the whole system and showing disrespect to the constitution. The argument that Lokpal will be an independent body which should have the right to prosecute and punish the corrupt people, then what is the rational of having a judiciary system. In our democratic set up, judiciary is considered to be independent from executive. To bring changes in judiciary and making it more accountable, there are other methods to do so. Lokpal bill does not provide solutions to prevent corruption rather only to punish the culprits.

The Lokpal's authority could be autonomous but not making this position the supreme position of the country. There is no logic in it and the demand of the civil society for this has no merit at all.  After all the country political and administrative system has to run smoothly.

A stir and mass andolan of present nature could make India like Libya or convert it into a banana republic. Is that our objective? Every citizen of India want that there should be remarkable changes to be inducted in the system so that their daily life is comfortable and the country should progress rapidly. For this purpose, we have to be highly disciplined, committed and contribute without having a vested interest. Every Indian citizen who believes in these principles is a real soldier of the country.

Quote: Learn how we should be proud of India not proudly.